Add On Services

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”
-Vincent Van Gogh

Google my business

When someone searches your business name on Google, your business name and location will be displayed on the first page. It will help you in getting found, and your clients will be able to share their reviews.

Quick Links

If your page has a lot of content, quick links can be highly beneficial for users for quick browsing. It will decrease the bounce rate.

Domain Name

Don’t have a domain? No worries. We can register one for you. For example, you already have one, we will set you up free of cost.

Google Analytics

It will enable you to view user traffic data and behaviour. You will be able to see who visited your website, how long they spent and what actions they took while browsing your website.

Customized Email Address

Get personalized email services through G-Suite powered by Google. Log in from anywhere through any device quickly using Gmail.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are what enable websites to move from HTTP to more secure HTTPS. Websites without SSL get penalized by Google and drop down in Ranking.

Additional Web Pages

Get more pages for your existing website. From expanding your business to add a landing page, additional web pages are required.

Infographic Design

Infographics present complex data in an easy to understand and engaging manner. From reports to proposals, Infographics are a key part of presentations.


Letterheads are a unique and essential part of branding. A proper letterhead builds your professional image.

Email Signatures

Email signatures are crucial for brand image. A unique email signature builds a long-lasting impression among the audience.

Newsletter Subscriptions

Using Mailchimp, we will set up a subscription newsletter for your website that customers can sign up to. With Mailchimp, managing such subscriptions will be quick and easy.

Animated Video Design

Animated videos are crucial for marketing products and services. They will help you achieve successful content marketing on social platforms.

Interactive Drop-Down Enquiry Form

We will create a detailed drop-down enquiry form consisting contact information, drop-down boxes, checkboxes and custom fields for screening online leads who email you for your services.

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