Nexus Accountants

About Nexus Accountants

Nexus Accountants are known for providing practical financial and accounting services. They offer sensible solutions that are suited for both business and individual needs. They provide exceptional service in multiple financial areas, including accounting and taxation. Business advising is also one of their key offerings.

Areas of Operation:

Nexus Accountants provide its service for both new and existing businesses as well as individuals. The primary goal of Nexus is not just keeping, organizing, and tracking records but also providing the right advice for future endeavors. Their services can be primarily classified as –
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Finance
  • New business setup & maintenance
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Client's objective:

Even though they were already well known in the financial world, they had a very limited online presence when we took up this project. They wanted –
  • A strong online presence through a user-friendly website.
  • A simple yet memorable visual look and feel.
  • A website that would show what they do in a professional yet easy to understand way.

Challenges we faced:

While at Techosoft, we had prior experience of developing incredible websites; this was the first time we were working for a client who wanted a website built and customized for premium financial solutions and complete visual branding that would reflect their exceptional background. Therefore, we decided to break the challenges into three main categories and work on them.Web development –
  • Creating a website that is equally fast and responsive.
  • Ensuring the website is easy to navigate and represents contents in an organized manner.
  • Making the website user-friendly and viewers can easily contact our clients through direct calls, messages, and email.
Visual Branding –
  • Providing the website a look and feel that is simple yet elegant.
  • Creating logos, letterheads, email signatures, and business cards for our clients which would reflect the same elegance.
Content Research and Writing –
  • Deep research on the content before writing a single word.
  • Creating content that is void of any misinformation regarding the client’s service.
  • Ensuring the content is well written and provides meaningful insights into the types of service Nexus Accountants provide.

Our Solutions

We passionately embraced this mix of new and old challenges and worked with planning and strategy.Our Graphic Designers took the visual branding challenges head-on.
  • They developed an excellent logo that is both visually appealing and premium looking as well as matches the client’s vision.
  • They ensured the logo animation was professional yet eye-catching to the audience.
  • They also developed business cards, email signatures, and letterheads that match the unique identity and maintain a consistent appearance in real and virtual worlds.
Our Web Development team ensured the website fulfills the client’s requirements.
  • They developed a fast and responsive website that is intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Our ux designers and web development team collaborated to choose a paid, elegant and responsive theme that is good-looking and functional.
Our content writers approached the content writing challenges curiously and passionately.
  • They thoroughly researched, analyzed, and put together the content to ensure it was authentic, informative, and matched the client’s expectations.
  • They collaborated with the client to make the content error-free and easy to understand as well as engaging for the right audience.


  • A better and clearer representation of client’s services.
  • Faster and more efficient communication between the client and audience.
  • More engagement among potential customers.
  • A significant increase in online visibility and a better branding of the firm.

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