About Amritsariya

Amritsariya is a well-known restaurant in Sydney. Rooted in Amritsari culture, the restaurant serves delicious vegetarian dishes in the heart of New South Wales. They are loved for their unique subcontinental cuisines that offer the flavours of India, including their specialties in Punjabi delicacies.

What They Do:

Amritsariya provides both dine-in and takeaway options. Also, you can order their dishes through popular online food ordering services like Uber Eats, Menulog, or Doordash and get your food delivered directly to their home.

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Client's objective:

  • In a post-pandemic world, like many other businesses, the client didn’t want to remain limited just to 3rd party apps and websites. They wanted to make their business visible to the audience in the way they imagined it.
  • Amritsariya, being much more than just another Indian restaurant, wanted to portray their dishes, flavours, and passion directly to their audience. At the same time, they wanted to represent what their kitchen could offer to the food lovers of Sydney.
  • The objective of Amritsariya was not only to serve the vegetarians but anyone who would love to enjoy the spices and flavours of India. As such, they wanted to be attractive and desirable to their potential audience.

Challenges we faced:

As an organization that specializes in bringing business online, Techosoft has a lot of experience in creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing websites for restaurants and food outlets. However, with Amritsariya, the challenges were more than just that –
  • We were trying to build a website that could visually represent what the client’s business stands for.
  • We were trying to create content that correctly describes their offerings and services.
  • We were trying to make the website fast and responsive as well as a pleasure to use and navigate.

Our Solutions

We took these challenges passionately and created strategic planning to fulfill the client’s objective. After that, we executed our plan to achieve the following goals –
  • A fast and reliable website customized to display the client’s offerings and make them easy to discover.
  • A well-researched and well-written content that has detailed information about the dishes and relevant yet memorable taglines that describes the restaurant better.
  • A visual branding that is simple yet elegant with a beautiful paid theme implemented to make it look even more attractive.
  • A complete user experience customization with backgrounds and themes that represent the root of business and the experience they provide.
  • An easy to navigate interface that lets the audience directly contact the client.


  • A significant expansion of customer base.
  • A visible increase in awareness about clients’ services and offerings.
  • Creation of client’s unique brand identity.
  • A vast leap towards growth in online presence.
  • An improved rate of engagement among present and future customers.

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