Staff Corp

About Staff Corp

Staff Corp provides recruitment and talent acquisition services for the Australian Government and other government agencies. Staff Corp has strived for a national presence since its inception. However, as Staff Corp evolved from a small venture to a reliable hiring platform for the Federal Government and its agencies, the company sought not just an online presence but also a full-fledged online talent acquiring system. A system that not only works but is also easy to use and failsafe.

Key Services:

Staff Corp helps the Federal Government and other government agencies to bring talent and innovation in emerging domains like:

  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing & Services
  • Cyber Security
  • Shared Services

Other than emerging domains like this, Staffcorp hires people from various IT backgrounds for challenging Government projects.

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Area of Operation

Administrative processes, technical support, and recruiting programs are integral parts of Staffcorp’s operations to hire the best talents for its clients.

Challenges Faced

  • A website was needed to be created and optimized for both contractors and clients of Staffcorp.
  • The content of the website needed to be clear and professional as well as brief and to the point.
  • The website needed a simple yet attractive design to show the professionalism and expertise of our client.
  • Like any other modern website, the client wanted it to be fast and easy to navigate.
  • The entire talent acquisition process was needed to be efficient for both Staffcorp personnel and contractors.

Our Solutions

An Efficient Talent Hiring Ecosystem that is tailor-made and highly suitable for our client’s operations to a granular level.

  • A fast and reliable website customized to perform the specific functions that are required to expand the client’s business.
  • A fully professional content strategy based on in-depth research and keyword analysis as well as input from the client.
  • Responsive platform to help with clients’ recruitment services in multiple domains.
  • A visual branding that is simple yet elegant.
  • Implementation of WordPress and SEO friendly paid themes.


  • Business expansion as well as growth-boosting.
  • Faster and more efficient recruitment process.
  • New-age solutions for changing market landscape.
  • Improved participation from both Staffcorp’s clients and contractors.

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